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TypeAraby Talks:
Ali Asali

Ali Asali is a graphic & type designer, university lecturer, and the owner and director of Frontline Typo, an independent voice with an alternative approach to Perso/Arabic type & lettering design.

About FrontLine Typo: Frontline typo is concerned with the current cultural situation that Arabic and Farsi speaking countries are facing today. Our script is lacking confidence in facing new aesthetics that the modern and technologic societies are craving for. On the other hand, the natural development of traditional calligraphy (as the major representative of this script in pre-modern era) has been stopped, due to the sudden outburst of Modernism in the Middle East. According to scholars, Islamic calligraphy is nearly dead today (at least in its applied arts format rather than in the fine arts). That being said, FLTypo is trying to find new ways to adopt alternative and creative approaches to designing letterforms, so designers can once again, befriend Arabic letters and help them try new clothes for this all-time suit-wearing script! 

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